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  1. Bernardo wrote: the pics are great...i have signed up for Gofishn as well...your bieduds website of is amaozing...kind of jealous...i thank you fo ryour info. Jackson is a special place for my wife and I and we enjoy the blogs and the photos. (12/03/15, 3:31 pm)

{New Address} Photographers in Sheridan Wyoming


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{We’re Moving} Sheridan Wyoming Photography

Alissa Ferullo Photography is moving to a new place on the web!

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    We’re Moving Sheridan Wyoming Photography | Alissa Ferullo Photography Blog

  2. Catherine wrote: Posted on 2012/07/27 at 下午 10:28 | I found your blog by pure luck and I really love it. You have a betfiuual daughter, you must be so proud of her. We are also parents of a betfiuual baby boy who is now 6 months old. We would love to have you do a few pictures of him on anything you think would be nice, like a butterfly, or a horse. I am sure that what ever you pick would be good. I am emailing photo's of him, his name is Brandon. Look forward to hearing from you Frank and Eileen. (12/03/15, 2:58 pm)

{Cabin in the Woods} Sheridan Wyoming Senior Photography

I have an affinity for mother/daughter duos, perhaps because I have my own baby girl and I also have a mother who happens to be my best friend.  It’s the best kind of gift and a relationship that stands the test of time no matter what.  And from an outsiders perspective, it’s always inspiring to see teenagers who remain close to their mom’s through that teenage fog.  And if you’re a woman, we all know “the fog”.  =)  I was invited to do a senior shoot at this family’s cabin in the woods, about a 40-minute drive from our own cabin in the woods.  And I arrived to the most quiet, secluded, quaint little cabin tucked away in the mountainside, where just she and her mom had been enjoying their weekend.  They’d been riding four-wheelers most of the day and hanging out, and I just kept thinking to myself, “THIS is exactly what I want to be doing with my own daughter someday…”

The weather was a bit ominous, cloudy and even rained for the first part of the shoot, but I was determined to get this gorgeous girl in front of my lens.  We ventured out into the wide-open meadow where the light was a little brighter and it ended up becoming a perfect evening, with a gorgeous senior who obviously has her priorities in all the right places.  Family first.  And I felt an affinity for her…and I think my camera felt that same affinity.  =)can you possibly get anymore beautiful than this??:Thank you so much to these two ladies for inviting me up and allowing my little family of four to share in your ever-so-quaint and cozy cabin in the woods.  I hope you love these as much as I do!!

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  1. Jen wrote: i'm actually really partial to cloudy/rainy looking day shoots. i think they prouduce beautiful photos and aura. what a beautiful client, she sounds like quite a young lady! (08/25/10, 7:35 am)

  2. Melanie wrote: Beautiful!!!! Cloudy days are my best friend! I ADORE the 3rd and 4th in the field...perfection (08/25/10, 8:02 am)

  3. Maren wrote: I absolutely LOVE the ladder framed one... such a pretty young lady! (08/25/10, 8:54 am)

  4. Kris Malli wrote: I absolutely Love them all you are so talented. (08/26/10, 5:33 am)

  5. Patty wrote: This is my niece-----she looks great in all these pictures---nice job:) (08/26/10, 9:19 am)

  6. paula wrote: gorgeous :) i love all the locations you pick! ;) (08/26/10, 4:30 pm)

  7. Joan wrote: A very BEAUTIFUL subject and wonderful pictures of her! LOVE the one of her standing in the field with her big beautiful Smile!! (08/27/10, 11:39 am)

  8. Yvonne wrote: Wowzers! These are STUNNING! (08/27/10, 2:05 pm)

  9. M Carmen Robinson wrote: OMG!!! she looks amazing and I love the scenery and colors, what a great pictures, I hope I get one! (08/27/10, 4:49 pm)

  10. Sarah wrote: I Love the light reflectig off the grass, the pictures seem to glow! And what a beautiful seanior..stunning eyes! Love them all. (08/28/10, 1:16 am)

  11. Jen wrote: oh. my. gosh! how beautiful are these!!! I just adore them!! She has such beautiful eyes and just love how you captured her! :) (08/29/10, 6:42 pm)

  12. Doti wrote: Tough choice! They're all awesome! What a beautiful young lady my little great-niece has become! If I had to pick, I'd go with 3 and 4. (08/30/10, 6:05 am)

  13. Grandma Nancy wrote: Wow these are very wonderful and what a beautiful setting with a gorgeous subject. Even her Uncle Ray agrees!!! But where in the world were these taken??!!! Somewhere in paradise I believe!! (08/30/10, 1:36 pm)

  14. Bonnie and Gary wrote: Beautiful seems like such a small ineffective word for such perfection in God's work! They are all amazing! Such beauty..... (08/30/10, 5:06 pm)

  15. Cheryl (Mom) wrote: What can I say...Alissa, your work is are quite the artist in your field! God's backdrop is awesome! And I'm just a bit prejudice about the model. You have captured her beautiful eyes and drawn me in. Again you've done a beautiful job. Thank you for coming to my favorite place to be! (08/31/10, 5:49 am)

  16. Saundra wrote: What a beautiful young lady. I like them all! I am glad that I don't have to pick the final picture. Good luck. (09/01/10, 3:20 pm)

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    Cabin in the Woods Sheridan Wyoming Senior Photography | Alissa Ferullo Photography Blog

{Early Birds: A Sneak Peek} Family Photography in Wyoming

This morning, I got to start my day with these three and as with all my lovely clients, had such a great time!!  Honestly, a few years back, I considered not shooting families anymore for a variety of reasons.  And now, they happen to be my absolute favorite sessions.  I enjoy capturing moments between families, finding something unique in every single one, and the challenge that comes with creating art with multiple people involved.  Did I mention I love families??  ;)

Case in point, I had such a fun morning with this cute clan!!  This family came with no agenda, was laid back and just rolled with the punches as I tried to acquaint myself with their very shy little man, exploring and focusing mostly on said shy-little-man’s big blue eyes.  Holy Moly.  He is beyond darling.  But seriously, they are all quite easy on the eyes, huh?  ;)

So without further babbling, grab your beverage of choice and enjoy!the little man’s favorite part of the day was definitely the discovery of this magical piece of machinery: =)and lucky for me, the light was glorious…
and a different bw feel for me…and I kind of love it.  Very filmesque I suppose.  =)  What do you think?and one last favorite from their session:A big THANK YOU to this sweet lady, her adorable little man, and her very laid back, easy-going husband.  I enjoyed meeting all of you!

Have a great weekend everyone!!

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  1. Mandy wrote: THANK YOU! I love them, just like I knew I would! You are wonderful. (08/22/10, 4:13 pm)

  2. Stacy wrote: You are amazing with the camera, and the family is absolutely adorable! Great pics, I know they will cherish them for many many years to come! (08/22/10, 6:41 pm)

  3. Jane wrote: Yes, you are indeed amazing with the camera -- great work! These are very unique & special portraits, each of which captures the very essence of one of my absolute favorite families anywhere! Thank you for sharing these! (08/22/10, 8:32 pm)

  4. Tina wrote: Awesome! What great feeling in the photos! (08/23/10, 7:46 am)

  5. anya wrote: nice job! I love the first black and white one! (08/23/10, 8:40 am)

  6. Barb wrote: Incredible pictures of beautiful family!! (08/23/10, 11:09 am)

  7. Jen wrote: They take my breath away. Just beautiful. I love ALL of them. and that first one magic. Great job to the family as well, they look very comfortable and natural (and loving!) in front of the camera! (08/23/10, 5:49 pm)

  8. Jen wrote: Oh love these so much! love how you can just capture a family together and show so much love and connection. its just beautiful, and will be a treasure for this family for years to come! :) (08/23/10, 6:24 pm)

  9. SOUSS wrote: WONDERFUL... The tractor shots of Monte were fab! and my favorite. The lighting was soft and the colors of the tractor were so rich Monte was framed with color. I enjoyed the natural feel of the photos, its hard to get family pictures with out looking staged...Alissa nailed them. Really beautiful! (08/26/10, 7:03 am)

{Genuine} Sheridan, Wyoming Family Photographer

Post titles can often be the hardest part of posting for me.  Silly, yes, but true.  When I thought about this family, the first word that popped into my head was genuine.  Truly, I think the world could stand to hold so many more people just like this sweet family of four.

This is the 4th time I’ve photographed this family, from a toddler session, to a maternity/family session, to a newborn session and then finally, this vibrant family-of-four session.

And I love them.  I enjoy watching them interact and spending time with their adorable little people – the little man is truly the most well mannered, kind, adorable kid EVER.  And the smallest peanut, well, the pictures show the big grins and adorableness that encompasses nine months.  ;)

Enjoy the over-sized sneak peek =) !i just love this one…Well, that last smile should leave you happy!  ;)  Truly, a HUGE thank you to this family and especially the mama of these beautiful babies.  She trusts me every year to capture all of he most precious memories, and for that, I am so grateful!!!  You should check out her blog – she is someone I admire; I love that she is so honest and tells it like it is.  I really think we could all use a little more of that in our lives.  And leave them some love in the comment section!

Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. Carrie wrote: Great Pictures Alissa! (As always!) I love your blog, and YOU are such an inspiration! This family session is super sweet! (08/16/10, 9:20 pm)

  2. jennie wrote: Alissa, you have done it again!! i feel like you see the best in people and that's why we all end up looking so fabulous on the other side of your camera :) i can't believe this is your 3rd session with our little man - you figure out how to get his personality each and every time. And Viv, holy moley - i don't even know what to say about our little firecracker. i love the shots of her reaching for you. Thank you for another incredible set of memories captured for our little family! (08/17/10, 6:14 am)

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  4. andrea wrote: Alyssa, You have captured my best girl and her family so beautifully that it literally brought tears to my eyes. I miss them so much and I am blessed that you've shared your talent with us. The pictures are amazing! (08/17/10, 6:57 am)

  5. Jessica wrote: Alyssa - jennie is right, you do an amazing job of capturing the beauty of the family...though jennie, give yourself some credit, you have a beautiful family to capture! Alyssa, our new one arrives in a few weeks, looking forward to experiencing some of your magic! Jessica (08/17/10, 7:16 am)

  6. Susan Martin wrote: Alyssa -- Jennie and Jeff are so lucky to have you capture their family with these pictures. They are beautiful! Thank you both for sharing -- Susan (08/17/10, 7:22 am)

  7. Chelsie wrote: The little guy with his hat is just adorable! What a sweet family :-) (08/17/10, 8:00 am)

  8. dee/momo wrote: Alyssa--What a great way to start my Tuesday morn--all smiles with a few happy tears! You are right--this is a truly wonderful family. Thank you for seeing them so clearly and portraying each one's unique "wonderfulness" so artfully. These photos will be treasured for generations to come. (08/17/10, 8:40 am)

  9. Tricia wrote: GORGEOUS photos of a gorgeous family! Smiled all the way down! :) (08/17/10, 11:27 am)

  10. Patty Kaufmann wrote: What a way to end my work day, seeing my son and his gorgeous family!! Loved all the smiles and different looks. You do an AMAZING job and I am sure I will be checking these photos out on a daily basis for awhile!!! (08/17/10, 11:54 am)

  11. Hannah wrote: Aren't my cousins just the cutest? Amazing pictures. :) (08/17/10, 1:38 pm)

  12. Deb (Mom/Grandma) wrote: Alyssa: Once again you've captured the essence of my daughter's wonderful family. The love and laughter they share is evident in every shot. The only complaint I have is that, as always, how will I ever choose which ones to get!!! Thank you again. (08/17/10, 2:07 pm)

  13. Amanda wrote: Alissa, thanks for sharing the images of two of my favorite little people ever!!! (the big ones are pretty great as well ;) ) Brought a smile to my whole day! (08/17/10, 2:36 pm)

  14. papi/ Richard Diggins wrote: You do wonderful work. Thank you. (08/17/10, 7:03 pm)

  15. Jen wrote: Oohhh my goodness- Im so in love with the way you captured them!! So genuine. Love love them. (especially the little guy with the cowboy hat! oooh melts my heart!) (08/17/10, 8:54 pm)

  16. Juli wrote: I love the pictures - what a beautiful family!! I The pictures brightened my day. 'd like to order some. (08/18/10, 10:55 am)

  17. Skye wrote: The energy in these is infectious...that first one is priceless!! (08/19/10, 9:00 pm)

  18. kamee june wrote: such an adorable family! i loved the feeling of this shoot. so comfy-cozy! ;) love you friend!!! (08/20/10, 12:34 am)

  19. Yvonne wrote: These are just too much. Beautiful captures of a beautiful family! Great work as usual! (08/20/10, 6:31 pm)

  20. Mary Eaton wrote: Those photos are great! We loved all of them! I can't wait too see Amanda's pictures! Great job Alyssa! (08/22/10, 4:32 pm)

  21. Marisa wrote: Awesome photos! Mary and I were wondering where Pansy and Pecker are? Ps they are the chickens that were in the background of most of the photos! Sorry Alyssa! We can't wait to see the next round of pictures! (08/22/10, 6:18 pm)

  22. Grander/CB wrote: A wonderful job, Alyssa, with outstanding professionalism and very moving sensitivity, particularly for those of us who are already very proud of this wonderful family. (08/23/10, 5:43 am)

  23. paula wrote: beautiful family! i love the how crispy and sharp your images are, in the right measure :) oh, and the baby girl is way too cute :) :) (08/26/10, 4:26 pm)

{Mr. & Mrs. Mullinax} Sheridan, Wyoming + Montana Wedding Photographer

Being invited to photograph a wedding, to document the very day that two people vow before God Himself to love and cherish each other forever, is such an incredible feeling.  You never know what to expect, but you always know that love will be present and that there will be happy people everywhere you turn, celebrating with friends and family.  And I love weddings.  I love witnessing people in love and documenting the story behind one of the most important and treasured days of their lives.

This special day, with these amazing people, was no exception.  There was anticipation…and there was beauty…and there were expectations of the greatest kind…and joy…and romance…and pretty things…and love…I was honored to document the beginning of this family.  The start of something new and entirely unique.

Thank you to this family for trusting me to capture these once-in-a-lifetime moments for you!  I am so grateful to have been a part of it!

Leave the newlyweds some love in the comment section below!  =)

Flowers by: Annie Greenthumbs |  Venue: The Powder Horn Clubhouse |  Hair by: Jenna Dhodapkar with the Cutting Edge Salon

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  1. Staci wrote: Angela and Owen - Your wedding looked absolutely beautiful -- Angela, you made a BEAUTIFUL bride (love the hair!). Sorry we missed it. Best wishes! (08/13/10, 4:45 pm)

  2. Chelsie wrote: Love the bagpipes! What a touch! Both of you looked stunning on your big day :-) (08/13/10, 4:54 pm)

  3. Mary wrote: Alissa, your pictures are beautiful. I share your feelings about weddings, although I do not see them from a photographers eye as you do. (And I am not as creative and talented as you.) I do take great joy in performing weddings. You expressed it perfectly, love is present, everyone is happy. Pure bliss. (08/13/10, 4:56 pm)

  4. kim g wrote: Gorgeous! What a lovely couple and details! (08/13/10, 5:14 pm)

  5. Cameron and Kelly wrote: Wow guys! You look absolutely wonderful. Wish we could have been there to celebrate with you. Congrats though! (08/13/10, 6:41 pm)

  6. Melanie wrote: Awesome job as always! (08/13/10, 7:49 pm)

  7. Sonya wrote: Congrats Owen and Angela!! It looks like your day was gorgeous!! I'm bummed to have missed it but feel lucky to see the moments that were captured by Alissa. Nice work as always Alissa!! (08/13/10, 10:58 pm)

  8. Christie Paulsen wrote: Hunny you looked so gorgeous...!! (08/14/10, 9:09 am)

  9. Alan C. wrote: It was a beautiful wedding and from what I see, you were the right photographer to document it. Alissa you have done a wonderful job with Owen and Angela's wedding photos. Thanks so much for being part of their day! (08/14/10, 2:22 pm)

  10. Rita Geary wrote: I love the photos of details--the flowers of the bridesmaids, the Indian paintbrush designs on the cake, the medallion in the waist lace on the dress. They are unusual shots,artwork captured. The bride applying her make-up gives an up-close look into the joy and wonder she awaits. Very nicely captured. (08/14/10, 4:45 pm)

  11. Bob wrote: Lovely bride and families! Look forward to seeing more! Beautiful selection of photos. (08/14/10, 8:50 pm)

  12. Yvonne wrote: These are AMAZING!!!!! Love everything about these. You are just SO talented. (08/15/10, 7:00 am)

  13. Julie wrote: I will drive down right now to work aside you! These are all so breathtaking, great job! (08/16/10, 7:26 am)

  14. kamee june wrote: gorgeous! genius! so beautiful!! LOVE THEM!!! (08/16/10, 12:55 pm)

  15. Anne Swager wrote: Angela and Owen, Your wedding was beautiful and these photos really capture that--they are gorgeous. Congratulations again! (08/16/10, 8:13 pm)

  16. Janet L wrote: The photos are beautiful and reflect genuine love between Angela and Owen. It looks like it was a wonderful day for all. (08/17/10, 7:26 am)

  17. Jen wrote: Oh my gosh! You rocked these!! just adore the details you captured! They are just amazing!! The dress shot- to die for!! So lovely, my dear!!! (08/17/10, 8:58 pm)

  18. Elizabeth wrote: Staci: I too loved the hair. Jenna Dhodapkar at the Cutting Edge did a wonderful job taking care of the girls. (08/18/10, 10:42 am)

  19. Linda Breidenthal wrote: WOW! Beautiful bride and photos! So sorry we couldn't attend such a special event, Angela and Owen. (08/23/10, 4:06 am)

  20. Grady and MaryJane wrote: Angela and Owen, Your wedding ROCKED! What a beautiful day to start your wedded bliss. Now you are truly a family. Congratulations Owen and Best Wishes Angela! Grady & MaryJane (08/25/10, 8:28 am)

  21. paula wrote: !!! alisssa, these are lovely! beautiful colors and perfect light :) (08/26/10, 4:04 pm)

{Official: A Sneak Peek} Sheridan, Wyoming Wedding Photographer

There was a wedding last Saturday – a beautiful, timeless and gorgeous day that was I was so honored to be a part of.  And I have so much to share and say about this sweet couple and their families.

But for now, here is just one to tie you over.  I will be back soon with a real preview!  =)

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  1. Natalie wrote: Yay!!! Weddings!!! Can't wait to see more! Gorgeous!! (08/11/10, 1:43 pm)

  2. anya wrote: Aw, lovely... can't wait to see the rest :) (08/11/10, 2:12 pm)

  3. Lorna wrote: Very nice! Can't wait to see more, thanks for sharing (08/11/10, 7:44 pm)

  4. Elizabeth wrote: You caught the moment perfectly! Thank you... (08/11/10, 8:46 pm)

  5. jen wrote: wow, really beautiful...really!! cannot waiiiiit to see more!!! (08/11/10, 9:55 pm)

  6. Jen wrote: Ohhh love!!! cant wait to see more! (and how beautiful is her dress!! love it!) (08/12/10, 9:19 am)

  7. Sonya wrote: What a gorgeous couple! I missed out on being at this wedding and now I'm patiently waiting to see the photos! (08/12/10, 5:45 pm)

  8. Jenny Heuck wrote: Fabulous pictures of a wonderful and fun event. What a gorgeous couple! (08/15/10, 4:51 pm)

  9. Gail wrote: Brought a lump to my throat and a smile to my face! Thank you! (08/15/10, 8:20 pm)

  10. Linda Breidenthal wrote: Beautiful bride and photos! So sorry we couldn't attend such a special event, Angela and Owen. (08/23/10, 4:12 am)

  11. mintasa_clippingimages wrote: what a lovely photo! waiting to see more..... (03/15/11, 12:06 am)

{What is Custom Photography?} Sheridan, Wyoming Photographers

I was browsing one of my friend’s blogs today (Yvonne Niemann: check her out!)  and I found this article that she had linked to.  And although I’ve seen similar articles around and about, I hadn’t really taken the time to read through it entirely – and I thought it would be beneficial to share here.

I often wonder if others know what exactly goes into their custom portrait session, the time that is involved and the heart that goes into creating their artwork.   The shutter release is only the very beginning of the hours that are spent behind the scene culling, editing, communicating, ordering, packaging, delivering, not to mention the education, bookkeeping, scouting locations, purchasing the best professional gear on the market…the list goes on.

Photography IS art.  It’s beautiful, timeless, emotive and should become the heirlooms that are passed down through the generations of your family.  I love the fact that I get to create artwork for people.  And that the artwork features their most prized, precious and heart-felt treasure: their family.

Food for thought.  =)  Happy Thursday!


And on an entirely different note, I thought I’d pull one from the archives;  this family has been in my thoughts lately as they fly to Ethiopia this week to bring home their 4 newest kiddos!!!

Put this incredible family in your Google Reader, follow them, support them and send up a little prayer for them!

Their blog is HERE.

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  1. Yvonne wrote: What a surprise to see you mention my blog on here. Thanks! You're so sweet. Love this image. So playful and fun. That's going to be one big household full of love with four more kiddos. Congrats to them! (08/06/10, 3:04 pm)

  2. Melanie wrote: Wow, just read a few entries on their blog and I may be awake a while tonight, so inspirational. (08/06/10, 10:00 pm)

  3. Mary wrote: What an incredible family. They are in my prayers. Such an inspiration. (08/11/10, 2:05 pm)

  4. Anya wrote: What a special family!!! (08/24/10, 1:02 pm)

{She Had Me Call Her Lucy…} Children’s Photography in Sheridan, Wyoming

You see, her name is beautiful.  Perfect and lovely in every way.  A name that by most, would be absolutely perfect: Isabel.  But upon meeting her, she preferred I call her “Lucy”, the name she wishes she’d been given.  ;)

And so I obliged.  And I called her Lucy the entire 35 minutes we spent together.  And she seemed to like it.  ;)She was spunky and wanted me to work for the shot, which I actually {{LOVE}}.  It makes my job fun…and when kids are silly, it makes for beautiful imagery in my humble opinion.  ;)I adored her energy and her spunk – she was too darn cute.  And did I mention she also happened to have an equally fun and handsome older brother?  Yup, so handsome.  And a little soft spoken.  And absolutely charming in every way.

I think this is my favorite from the entire session…their expressions (and gorgeous light) are priceless…

Did I mention he was charming??  His eyes were soulful and he just had this aura about him.  The girls will be flocking to him in the near future…in fact, I heard they already are.  ;)And even though 10 and 5 are ages than don’t typically go together, big brother was gracious enough to humor her (and me) and I just LOVED this shot…

Thank you to these kiddos and their mom for driving quite a distance to come and hang out with me – I enjoyed ever minute and look forward to sharing your entire gallery with you!!

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  1. Yvonne wrote: How fun! I think it's hilarious that she had you call her Lucy. What a doll. Wonderful images of these siblings! Can't even begin to pick a favorite. (08/03/10, 4:56 am)

  2. kristin cook wrote: What a happy session! It made me smile :) (08/03/10, 6:06 am)

  3. emily wrote: Beautiful, Alissa! Priceless images, for sure!!! (08/03/10, 7:46 am)

  4. Sarah wrote: Thank you for taking these pictures of my beautiful but handful children. You did get great pictures of them even though they seem to not cooperate. You did a great job. Thank you very much. Sincerely, Sarah. (08/03/10, 10:56 am)

  5. Karen Comeau wrote: really captured the personalities of both Bailey and Isabel...the photos are absolutely wonderful! (08/03/10, 4:20 pm)

  6. Mimi wrote: Beautiful kids, beautiful light! (08/03/10, 4:25 pm)

  7. Jen wrote: Oh just love this session!! Brought such a smile to my face this morning! Love how you captured the carefree happiness of childhood!! Love it! (08/04/10, 7:46 am)

  8. kamee june wrote: so sweet!! what incredible memories for this family! you are a gift alissa! i am inspired by you!!! (08/04/10, 8:37 am)

  9. uncipw wrote: I got pictures yeah!! Sure miss my grandbabys they are so good looking thanks next summer hope to see them and the new one too love you (08/07/10, 5:59 am)

  10. Liz wrote: I love the one of the boy against the fence! He looks mature beyond his I can see him as a teenager and an adult. The little girl definitely does look like a Lucy! She's fantastic! Beautiful pictures as usual! (08/13/10, 5:54 am)

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