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So many beautiful people.  So many sweet moments.  So many wishes of love and a lifetime of happiness to these two amazing people.

Thank you both for letting me share in your beautiful day!

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Tyler + Katie | Sheridan, Wyoming Wedding Photographer

Malin Blog 23

Sometimes you meet two people that inspire you to believe in love; to believe that love truly can conquer all as they say.  These two did that for me…their love story unlike any other I’ve seen in all the years I’ve been shooting weddings.  Many in our community already know their story and have supported this sweet family through some tough times, and I know they are so grateful.  I figured it would be best to let Katie, the beautiful bride, tell her story

in her own words….

“Walking down the aisle with my dad holding my arm, I could only think about how thankful I was to be healthy for my wedding day as well as to be able to marry my best friend. It was a huge rush of joy as I flashed back to the day Tyler proposed to me and the journey we had survived the past year.

“I was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer the fall of 2014, and I would have to endure 8 chemotherapy treatments, surgery to remove the 7 centimeter tumor, and then radiation. Tyler was the reason I was able to fight so hard for our wedding day as well as for our future life together because he proposed the morning of my first chemotherapy treatment. I perfectly remember that morning. I was frantically packing my bag for the hospital and Tyler continued to ask me to sit down to what I thought was going to be a “pep talk”: some encouragement to get me through what I thought was going to be the worse day of my life. I was extremely nervous for my first treatment. When Tyler finally began to talk, he discussed how life takes twists and turns and how we could beat this disease together, how he would be by my side through all of it, how I am the strongest person he knows…It was then that he looked in to my eyes, got down on one knee, and turned what was going to be the worst day of my life in to the best day of my life. He asked if I would spend the rest of my life with him, and I said YES! I was literally up in the clouds and overjoyed. I breezed through my first chemotherapy like it was nothing.

“The rest of the year the wedding was a bright spot to focus on for all of our families. Tyler and I, my parents, my sister, and friends threw themselves into wedding planning. It was all of our escape from the cancer treatment. So walking down the aisle, I looked into Tyler’s eyes- the man that let me cry in his arms when I woke up in the morning to clumps of hair all over the bed, the man who sat by me through my treatments, the man who held my hand extra tight when my oncologist gave us bad news, and the man who loved me more than I could ever have asked from another human being. I was simply thankful-thankful for him and my family but mostly thankful for the fact that I survived it all for our wedding day.”

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“Our first look was so emotional! Walking up to Tyler, I was shaking; I couldn’t calm my nerves until my hands touched him. He was the most handsome man and he was mine…”

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“The wedding ceremony was beautiful. Shelley at Born in a Barn set up an area for us after the ceremony where we serrated a bottle of champagne to celebrate with our wedding party. We were surrounded by horses, antique cars and furniture, chickens, and laughter.”

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“The reception went by so fast…our favorite moment of the night was the longest-married-couple dance where we saw three of our grandparents be the last ones dancing.”

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“My parents along with family and friends really put lots of time in to making this wedding gorgeous for Tyler and me. And it was. I had the wedding I had dreamed about, but more importantly a husband that I know was going to be beside me in sickness and in health.  ~Katie”

Thank you both, Tyler and Katie, from the bottom of my heart for allowing me to be a part of your celebration and to document your memories!!  Also thank you for your patience in getting this up – you know my medical situation and I appreciate that you have been so kind.  So much love to you both!!  xoxoxo

VENDORS (Click on name for link to site):

Photography: Alissa Ferullo Photography

Venue: Born in a Barn Guest Ranch

Wedding Coordinator: Ashley Marie Weddings

Catering: Kiwi Katering

Signage: MOB & Holly Legerski

Wedding Dress: David Tutera

Bridesmaids’ Dresses: Ann Taylor

Groom’s Attire: Calvin Klein

Groomsmen Attire: J Ferrar

Hair: Ginger Salon

Flowers (Bridal Bouquet & Groom’s Boutonniere): Babe’s Flowers

Flowers (Centerpieces & Bridesmaids Bouquets): Costco

Floral Design: Bride’s Family

Cake: Victoria Sarokon

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  1. Shelley says: I am blown away!! Everything and all of the energy I ever dreamed for this place! Thank you for sharing and for choosing Born in a Barn!! Shelley Kinnison on 04.7.16 @ 9:18 pm

#love, #bemyvalentine, #sweethearts, #gettinghitched | Sheridan WY Engagement Photography

Just a few for these two lovebirds – wishing them a happy destination wedding and a long and wonderful life together!  Thank you both for letting me share in your happiness!!

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Friendship & Photography | Sheridan, WY Family Photographer

This beauty and I go several years back now – she actually used to babysit my tiny people when she was in college, and as we got to know each other, our common love of family, kids, God and photography led to one of those easy, lifelong friendships.  She is also a pro photographer, and an amazing one at that, so through the years we’ve spent countless hours talking shop, sharing ideas and shooting together.  Our wedding photography adventures have been full of comedy, stress, growth and so many fun memories.  ;-)  Last summer, the kids and I took a road trip to their ranch in NE, and my kids loved getting to ride ponies, chase the chickens, attempt to milk the goat, ha, and just run around in the wide open spaces.  And this year we met up in SD to do a quick morning session downtown Rapid with her adorable crew.  ;-)  I think it’s fair to say they make some crazy cute babies!!!

Moreland Blog 1 Moreland Blog 2 Moreland Blog 3 Moreland Blog 4

I’m still laughing at the one above, and even more so of the one below…everyone needs a little yoga in their life, right?

Moreland Blog 5

And just because she’s so darn beautiful on the outside too…

Moreland Blog 6

Thanks again you two for meeting up with me and letting me capture your gorgeous family!!!  Always a pleasure!  And Chelsie, I shall be seeing you in Vegas here soon!!!!!!!!!  :-)  XOXO

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Country Life | Lifestyle Family Photography Sheridan, WY

Our fall weather was extraordinary this year, allowing for beautiful backdrops at every turn.  I’m blessed to have photographed this family for many years now – watching kiddos grow up and families expand is one of the most rewarding parts of my job.  This session was so much fun….from catching frogs and running through fields, to meeting horses and getting loved on by the littlest one (I had a bazillion shots of him running towards me to give me a hug, lol, all I could do was laugh and try not to let his sticky fingers touch my lens, hahaha); I had such a fun time.  And their eyes – so many sets of incredible baby blues that my camera couldn’t help but love.  At the end of the day, there’s nothing quite like watching children run, play and be silly, while capturing all their little mannerisms through my lens.  I love everything about their energy and spunk – makes for beautiful images that are always raw and real.

As always, thank you to this family for inviting me to photograph your family once again!!!!  I’m grateful!!

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Backyard Adventures | Sheridan, WY Family Photographer

I’ve had so MANY beautiful sessions this fall, one of our most beautiful, warmest and longest that I can remember!  This adorable family was one of many I hope to share with you in the coming months – I figured it was about time to update here on the website (time seems to get the best of me as I attempt to juggle motherhood, business owner and a multitude of other titles) and try to get back to sharing just a touch of the beauty I have the privilege of capturing on a regular basis!  I loved the laid-back feel of this session, filled with laughs, so much love, toasted marshmallows and a campfire to end the shoot as the sun went down.

Thank you Betzler family for letting me get my camera on your adorable crew – I loved every moment!!!

Betzler 2

Betzler 3

Betzler 7
Betzler 6

Betzler 1

Betzler 5

Betzler 4 Betzler 8

And isn’t she gorgeous?!  I mean, seriously, I want to be her when I grow up – ha!  But the best part is, she’s not just beautiful on the outside; she’s one of those really good, kind, solid women who’s even more pretty on the inside.

As always, I am so happy to get to meet, work with, and become friends with such amazing people!


  1. Mike Roberts says: Beautiful series, Alyssa. on 11.4.15 @ 7:15 pm

  2. Emily says: This was the best!! Thank you so much for such a fun, fabulous, evening and the PUCTURES!!! Oh the pictures! We love them all! You are a talented one! Oh and that comment at the end - brought tears to my eyes. Thank you what a complement!!! on 11.4.15 @ 7:51 pm

  3. Katie M says: Bubbles + Storie's bare tootsies + handsome Hudson's tie = <3 on 11.4.15 @ 9:02 pm

Karlynn + Adam | Sheridan, Wyoming Wedding Photographer

I am so blessed to shoot incredible weddings with amazing couples all the time, and there’s always something unique and beautiful about every single one whether it be their laughter and ease, the off-the-charts details, the sentiment and closeness of family – you name it.  This one was magical on so many levels, but to me it was because these two were so clearly perfect for each other.  There was a sweetness, a kindness about the way they interact with each other that made their love photograph beautifully.  We had storms and rain and wind and rushing….and yet not once did I see this gorgeous bride frown or lose her main focal point: her man.  Her ease and happiness made it all work out, whether the sun was shining or not – we had fun!!  :)

So not only are these two a photogenic duo, but just wait till you see her dress….and her gorgeous sisters and maids….and the amazing reception…and well, the bits and pieces of the entire day; it was magical!  I could post 100 more beautiful images, but I think these at least give a small glimpse into another of my favorite weddings of the year!  :)




























Thank you to you both for inviting me, and to all your amazing family and friends – I felt like a guest and I’m grateful to have shared in your wedding!

I can’t wait to share all the hundreds of beautiful images with you!!!!!!!!!



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  1. Tammy Billings says: Karylynn, these pictures are AH-MAZING!!! There's so many of them that would make a nice, giant canvas print!! on 09.8.14 @ 8:36 pm

Rocky Mountain Bride Styled Shoot | Sheridan, Wyoming Wedding & Engagement Photographer

I am so grateful to have been asked to be a part of this gorgeous styled shoot for Rocky Mountain Bride magazine!!  It all came together with the combined efforts of the talented Ashley Galloway, with Weddings & Events by Ashley Marie, and the editors of Rocky Mountain Bride Magazine.  Our beautiful couple was kind enough to volunteer and help us showcase the incredible Ranch at Ucross – such a perfect venue for any bride planning a stylish affair!

You can see this “Get The Look” feature in Rocky Mountain Bride’s online magazine by CLICKING HERE.  It is also printed in the 2014 Fall issue on news stands now!!!























Coordination:  Weddings & Events by Ashley Marie, Sheridan WY  &  Rocky Mountain Bride Magazine

Photography:  Alissa Ferullo Photography, Sheridan WY

Venue:  The Ranch at Ucross, Ucross, WY

Makeup:  Natalie Steger with Beauty Bee, Sheridan WY

Hair:  Blon Away Beauty Studio, Sheridan WY

Wedding Dress:  Tara Keely gown from Blush Bridal, Casper, WY

Groom’s Tuxedo: Kenneth Cole from Macy’s

Flowers:  Babe’s, Sheridan WY

Jewelry:  Kraft’s Fine Jewelry, Sheridan WY

Thank you to this couple for being generous with their time and the vendors who helped make this possible!!

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  1. Emily says: You are so talented!! Such a gorgeous spread!!! on 09.4.14 @ 9:21 am

Marc + Kim {Sheridan, Wyoming Wedding + Engagement Photographer}

Up next is another favorite from last season I never had a chance to share here on the blog – simple, beautiful, heartfelt and lovely, this backyard wedding was so sweet!  As you can see from their images, they not only look incredible together, but they just seem to have this solid, good vibe about them as a couple.  :)  True love, as I always say, photographs beautifully.

I thought their “first look” was pretty sweet…

































Thank you again to these two for allowing me to capture every detail of your amazing wedding!!!  I wish you both a lifetime of happiness together!!!!  xoxo

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  1. Mike Roberts says: Beautiful work, Alissa. on 04.10.14 @ 11:10 am

  2. Johnd756 says: Nice blog here! Also your website loads up fast! What host are you using? Can I get your affiliate link to your host? I wish my site loaded up as quickly as yours lol eaeceakakbdg on 06.16.14 @ 8:22 pm

That kind of Family {Sheridan, WY Family + Child Photographer}

I adore this family.  I mean I wish I could live next door, hang out with this beautiful woman and become best friends.  Seriously.  They’re just that kind of people you want in your world, really good people that don’t come along all the time.  But, that would require my moving out of town, soooo, I suppose I will settle for the chance to photograph their growing family every year.  ;)  I was lucky enough to photograph these two tie the knot a few years back (may have to go back and revisit that wedding for the blog!) and to now watch their family become 3+1.  This beautiful little peanut is their newest addition….isn’t she lovely?  And chubby and edible?  Yea, I could have taken her home…..






And this little man….I’ll take him too please!  :)









By the end of the shoot, I think we wore her out…;) but oh how I love sleeping babies.  Her lips…


Thank you to all four of you for choosing me again to capture your memories!!!!!!!  Can’t wait to see what your family looks like next time!!  ;)  XOXO

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