Alissa Ferullo Photography | Sheridan, Wyoming Portrait & Wedding Photographer



Q.  Where do you shoot Boudoir Sessions?

A.  Alissa is currently working towards having a beautiful natural light studio for these incredible sessions, but until her studio is operational, it is best if you have a place in mind – a setting with lots of natural window light or a secluded area outdoors.  Alissa can also provide a location in Story, Wyoming if you do not have one available.  She needs a few different things for the shoot:  window light, flexibility, girl power (for moving furniture around, of course), and some unique settings to photograph in.  If you don’t feel like your own home has enough light or enough character, consider making arrangements to shoot at a friend or parent’s house instead.

Q.  Am I obligated to have my photographs posted on the website?

A.  Absolutely not.  Every image that is displayed on the website is signed off on and okayed by you.  Alissa has the utmost respect for women who would rather keep their images private, and also for those who are willing to let her share their artwork.  At the same time, Alissa is very careful about what is displayed (and shot), as her intention is solely for a woman to feel amazing about herself and to have classy images to be proud of.

Q.  What should I wear?

A.  Having your hair & makeup professionally done will take your shoot to the next level.  Please ask Alissa for recommendations.  Bring several outfits or articles of clothing that you love.  If you’re not sure about what to put on, bring a goodie bag and Alissa can help you from there.  Corsets and lacey or textured things photograph beautifully;  even a favorite sweater can be photographed in a suggestive, artstic way that is sexy and classic.  High heels are a must and any other things that make your man do a double take.

Q.  How long does it take?

A.  Boudoir Sessions can take anywhere from 1-3 hours, depending on how quickly things come together.  These sessions are relaxed, fun and spontaneous!

Q.  Should I bring anyone with me?

A.  Feel free to do so!  You can have a little entourage with you if you’d prefer, complete with champagne – this is your custom experience!

Q.  Do you do gift certificates?

A.  Absolutely!  Please contact Alissa for details.

Q.  How much does it cost?

A.  Art is an investment, and what better way to gift your significant other than with beautiful pieces of artwork with you as the subject?  Alissa has exquisite coffee table books available, gorgeous leather-bound albums, custom collages and lots of other goodies to choose from.  Clients can expect to invest anywhere from $600 – $2000 on their custom shoot.

Q.  What if I’m not supermodel thin?

A.  Alissa is a firm believer that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and all shapes and sizes of the womanly form are BEAUTIFUL.  Your significant other loves you as you are, and Alissa will patiently work with you to accentuate your strongest attributes.  Lighting, clothing and the angles she shoots from can all lead to successful images that make you feel and look incredible.

Q.  Can I get the digital negatives?

A.  Due to the sensitive nature of these sessions, digital files are not available for purchase.  Alissa takes great care to make certain your images are protected and not shared with anyone.  Designer albums are the preferred investment, along with one or two enlargements for your bedroom wall.  Many options are available to customize your experience and preserve your images in the most beautiful way!