Alissa Ferullo Photography | Sheridan, Wyoming Portrait & Wedding Photographer

Getting Started


Thank you for taking the time to stop by my blogsite!  I hope you will grab a cup of coffee, look around and send me a message through the contact link at the top – I’d love to hear from you and together begin planning your custom portrait session.  As you will notice from my galleries, I take a much less traditional approach to imagery in order to capture those candid, natural, emotional photographs that have become the signature of my business.  My organic approach to photographing families and children means you get to interact and have fun with each other, with little or no posing involved.  I provide simple directions and then hang out and wait for the magic to happen.  My approach with couples is a bit more guided, interjecting ideas and posing concepts to create the look you desire.  I LOVE stylized couple shoots: hair, makeup, a bit of glamour and a little attitude.  It’s a fabulous way to document your relationship in a fun and stylish way.  Whatever type of shoot you want, the bottom line is this: I adore the details and I adore making everyday moments extraordinary.


Clothing is the ingredient that will give the overall “look” to your images – and you can personalize that as much as you like.  Whether it be a soft vintage look, bold bright colors and printed tees, or a dressed-up version of your clan, simply wear what represents you or your family!  Solid clothing always photographs well, as well as anything textured: from sweaters and jackets, to scarves and lace, well, you get the idea.  The only things I suggest avoiding are loud or distracting prints and logos of any variety.

Jeans or skirts paired with different but complimentary shirts within a group will make your photographs more cohesive and interesting; please avoid matching perfectly and wearing all the same color – a monochromatic look can actually detract from your beautiful images.  Please leave white shoes and tennis shoes in general at home if at all possible, but beyond that, simply wear what you are comfortable wearing!  Feel free to bring a trunk full of choices if you just can’t decide, and I can offer my $.02.

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Sessions tend to last about an hour, although newborn sessions can last up to 2-4 hours to allow for feeding, changing and soothing. The location of your session is entirely up to you.  I can photograph your family in your home or do a session on location at a place of your (or my) choosing.  As a natural light photographer, I will need a large amount of natural light to create a beautiful photograph.  I prefer to photograph in the morning or late afternoon for outdoor sessions, and when photographing indoors, I will need large sources of light (ie. large windows or sliding glass doors with little obstruction from the sun).

If you are interested in the combo maternity/baby collection, I recommend we meet sometime during your last month or two, preferably at 34-38 weeks.  We can also schedule a session for your baby at that time.  I prefer to do newborn sessions when the baby is less than 2 weeks old, when they are typically most pliable, sleepy and not easily disturbed.   Six to eight days old seems to be ideal as colic and acne occasionally show up after the 2-week mark.

For senior portraits, unlimited clothing changes and locations are included.  We will simply shoot until I know we have the beautiful images you deserve.

Following your session, I will have 20-40 proofs ready for you within 2 weeks; they will then be displayed in a password protected, online gallery for 14 days only. If you need your gallery to remain posted after this timeframe, a $50 republishing fee will be assessed. Once your order is placed, your prints will be ready for pick-up within 2-3 weeks.

I look forward to meeting you!